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About us
We are server, where you can find many funny minigames. We want to create global server where can join many Czech, Slovak, Poland, Italian... players. Today we have 9+ minigames like SkyWars, BedWars, KitPvP, MurderMystery, BuildBattle, SkyBlock, Survival, TNTRun, AjParkour...

Our server running on waterfall and Paper. Our servers are hosted in France ( and Czech (Hicoria). Thanks for playing!

Main Staff:

Sun8ox [Owner]
Stewio [Admin]
Samantha [Admin]
Ema11 [Admin]
Flymod1 [Admin]

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Server status:


Online players: 0
Server is offline
Location: Czech Republic


Online players: 0
Server is offline
Location: France

Please join using our main IP